Dear friends / customers...
      On these pages we would like to introduce the Club of the History of Rail Traffic in Prague (KHKD) and its affiliated limited company HERKULES KHKD s. r. o.
      The Club was established in 1981. The main object is the preservation and restoration of historical rolling-stock. The fisrts success was the external restoration of a steam engine 354.7152 from 1917 to exhibition condition. Thanks to its activities the Club has built up its own collection of historical vehicles, among them eleven steam engines, three diesel engines, three diesel rail-cars and more than 70 passenger coaches and waggons. This rolling-stock is being used for special historical journeys, for travel agencies, for movie productions and on festival exhibitions.
      Besides collecting and restoring efforts the Club has organized historical-train rides for railway fans, taken part in the celebration of the 150th anniversary of railways in Přerov, Praha, Kladno a Lužná and issued several booklets.
      During the whole period the Club has obtained no grants or financial support. All finance was gained purely by its own activities. Since 2005 some activities for public are financed by the Central Bohemia Region (Středočeský kraj). Since 2012 we succesfuly apply for grants from the Ministery of Transport of the Czech Republic under program "Support of renovation of historical railway vehicles".
      In 1994 the Club founded a limited trade company HERKULES KHKD s. r. o., which manages all offered services. Being a licenced transporter of Siding Kněževes the company maintains and operates working historical rolling-stock of KHKD
      The target for the Club and the HERKULES KHKD company is the presentation of historical rail-vehicles in action, extension of the working rolling-stock and offering specialized service for the customers.
      Since 1997 some steam locomotives and historical coaches from KHKD collection serve as working and non-working exhibits in Railway Museum Lužná u Rakovníka. The museum is run by České dráhy, a.s. from 1999.
      In 2004 KHKD made first steps in saving regional railway Krupá-Kolešovice. Siding Kněževes, which is situated at the 9th km of the 12 km long railway, was repaired at the expenses of KHKD and is gradually being transformed into a railway museum and a depository of KHKD exhibits. Regular passenger service on Kolešovka railway was cancelled in 2006. Museum operation started a year later. Since than historical steam trains operates Kolešovka on Saturdays during summer. The aim of our project is to transform Kolešovka into a museum railway, which would join other railway museums and could be used for service of historical vehicles deposited in Lužná and Kněževes.