KHKD will take for this event the following coaches:

Passenger coach Ci 4-1412 (serial number 32947, year of manufacture 1891, producer Simmering)
Passenger coach Ci 4-2771 (serial number 9260, year of manufacture 1898, producer Koprivnice)
Passenger coach Ci 4-1732 (serial number 74139, year of manufacture1908, producer Ringhoffer)
Passenger coach Ci 3-9371 (serial number 14479, year of manufacture 1923, producer Kralovopolska)
Service coach Ddk 6-3777 (serial number 8010, year of manufacture 1912, producer Studenka)
Freight car Z 1-00266 (serial number 106376, year of manufacture1919, producer Ringhoffer)

...besides operating 310.0 you can also see 310.037.

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