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marking condition owner
310.037 not working KHKD
year of manufacture serial number manufacturer
1896 2528 St.E.G.
weight of empty length total base
23 t 7 899 mm 2 700 mm
characteristic max speed output
C m2t 40 km/h 230 kW
water store coal store tender
4 m3 1,5 m3 -
   The locomotives 310.0, originally marked as a class 97 kkStB, were typical representatives of locomotives of the state and private local railways in Austria. They were manufactured in 1878-1913 in Wiener Neustadt locomotive factory, St.E.G. locomotive factory, Floridsdorf locomotive factory, Krauss Linz locomotive factory and The First Czechomoravian machine factory in Prague-Liben. Their simple working and functional reliability retained some of the locomotives in service until 1945. After the second world war they found their exercise mainly at shunting work and railway siding. The Czechoslovak State Railways (CSD) operated total of 138 of these small locomotives, the latest of them was placed out of regular service in 1968. The locomotive 310.037 was devolved on new founded Czechoslovak State Railways (CSD) in 1918 under the indication 97.98. During the second world war DR was marked as 98.7029. It finished its service on shunting-yard in Prague-Vrsovice depot in 1964. In the same year it was sold to Chema Horni Pocernice n.p., where it operated as a stable heater boiler. In 1981 the locomotive was bought by dispatcher Skorepa who made its monument at Davle railway station. The locomotive was bought by KHKD in 2000 and in December 2000 it was loaned out to the Railway museum in Luzna u Rakovnika. Since 2009 it is an exhibit on Siding Kněževes within Kolesovka project.