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marking condition owner
M131.1238 working KHKD
year of manufacture serial number manufacturer
1950 68398 Tatra Kopřivnice
weight of empty length total base
16,4 t 12 100 mm 6 500 mm
characteristic max speed output
A1´ 60 km/h 114 kW
   The production of four-wheel rail cars of a M 131.1 class designed for passenger transportation on branch line railways was started in Tatra Koprivnice in 1948. The rail cars had TATRA T 301 12- cylindric air cooled diesel engine, developed basing on good experience with the TATRA T 111 engines. The power transmission was provided by manual Mylius four-speed gearbox, the change of direction was provided by reversing transmission on the axle. 340 coaches were manufactured in Koprivnice until 1951. TATRA Studenka manufactured the second series of 209 coaches in 1954 - 1956. 85 rail cars were rebuilt for maintenance of tractive wiring and marked as a M 131.2 class in 1967 - 1980. The rail cars M 131.1 served in regular service until 1984.
   CSD (Czechoslovak State Railways) sold the rail car M 131.1238 from Decin depot to Orion Praha-Modrany company in 1978, where it served on railway siding. KHKD bought it in not working condition in 1992.