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marking condition owner
354.7152 working KHKD
year of manufacture serial number manufacturer
1917 657 PČM
weight of empty length total base
72,1 t 16 948 mm 13 846 mm
characteristic max speed output
1' C 1' p2 80 km/h 925 kW
water store coal store tender
16 m3 8,5 m3 516.0297
   In total 380 locomotives of a 429 kkStB class of Gőlsdorf`s construction were produced in Austrian locomotive factories in three series in 1909-1917. The first two series with compound steam engine, the last series of 197 locomotives already with a duplex steam engine and piston slide valves. In 1918 the Czechoslovak State Railways (CSD) took into its rolling-stock 152 locomotives of all three series which were marked as a 354.7 class. From 1926 the locomotives were in sequence restored and united into duplex ones. They were outsorted in sequence from the passenger transportation during the sixtees`. The last of them finished its regular service in 1970. The locomotive 354.7152 was outsorted from the service of CSD in May 1967 after a quinquagenarian service in passenger transportation. In September 1967 it was forwarded to the Museum of Countryscience in Nymburk. In 1981 KHKD started its activities for saving of this unique locomotive and in 1987 finished the completion and repair of the locomotive into exhibited condition. In 1990 the locomotive became the property of KHKD. In 1993-1996 the overhaul took place in Brno and Ceske Velenice, in March 1997 it became the second working locomotive of KHKD.