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marking condition owner
423.094 working KHKD
year of manufacture serial number manufacturer
1928 1428 CKD
weight of empty length total base
54 t 11 920 mm 8 800 mm
characteristic max speed output
1' D 1' p2t 50 km/h 530 kW
water store coal store tender
10 m3 5 m3 -
   The production of new locomotives for local railways started in 1921, marked as a 423.0 class, in The First Czechomoravian machine factory in Prague. Besides Prague locomotive factory, the 423.0 class was also manufactured in SKODA locomotive factory and Adamov locomotive factory. The locomotives were supposed to replace and unite the heterogeneous rolling-stock of older engines for branch line railways. Individual series of manufactured locomotives were different in many ways. The destroyed CKD locomotive factory by air-raid in March 1945, was able to produced the last series of sixty locomotives (423.0171-231) until 1946, which were the top of the class and became the base for a new 433.0 locomotive class. The locomotives successfully operated in passenger and freight transportations on branch line railways until the end of steam operation in our country. The locomotive 423.094 finished its service at Czechoslovak State Railways (CSD) in 1967, when it was sold for railway siding to Provodin sand pit factory in Jestrebi near Ceska Lipa. It finished its service at railway siding in 1982, KHKD gained it in 1983. In 1991-1993 the overhaul took place in ZOS Ceske Velenice and it became the first working locomotive of KHKD.