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marking condition owner
434.2315 not working KHKD
year of manufacture serial number manufacturer
1914 519 PČM
weight of empty length total base
78,5 t 17 430 mm 13 694 mm
characteristic max speed output
1‘ D p2 60 km/h 1 030 kW
water store coal store tender
16 m3 8,5 m3 516.097
   By reconstruction of original Austrian locomotives of a class 170, which was made by First Czech-Moravian Faktory (První českomoravská továrna) for machines in Prague in 1924 – 1925, there were created first nine locomotives of a new class 434.2. From double-cylinder combination locomotives with wet steam became locomotives with a duplex steam engine with superheated steam. Their consumption was reduced and capacity boosted. Other locomotives were reconstructed from 1930 in works of ČSD Louny, Plzeň and Nymburk. The reconstruction was done at altogether 345 locomotives and it was finished in 1947. Some locomotives got flat eyector Giesle in the sixtieth's.
    The locomotive 434.2315 ended its service in Česká Lípa depot in 1979, and at the same year it was sold for heating to glass-works Duchcov (Sklárny Duchcov). It was sold to metal scrap works (Kovošrot) in Česká Lípa in the eightieth's, where the locomotive waited for its final end. Many useful parts were redeemed from the metal scrap works by MDC to Slovakia, where they served for a completion of a 434.128 locomotive.
    This greatly broken and non-complete locomotive was bought from Kovošrot by a physical person in 1995, the locomotive was transported from Česká Lípa to Zlonice. In April 2005 the locomotive became a part of KHKD's property by exchange of a steam locomotive CS 400. In November 2017 the locomotive was transported from Siding Kněževes to Turnov depot. The Club's aim is its overhaul into working state.