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marking condition owner
555.0153 working KHKD
year of manufacture serial number manufacturer
1944 16968 WLF
weight of empty length total base
97,5 t 22 975 mm 19 000 mm
characteristic max speed output
1' E p2 80 km/h 1216 kW
water store coal store tender
30 m3 13,5 m3 930.2158
   Germany developed a new type of locomotives for its need during the second world war, which came from German integral class 50. New locomotives however had to be manufactured quickly and in low-cost. Minor number of parts, the limitation of non-ferrous metal need and complicated complexes on pre-war locomotives, it was typical for a 52 class. Almost 7000 locomotives were manufactured in 13 locomotive factories enemy-occupied Europe. CSD took 185 locomotives and marked them as 555.0 class after 1945 . CSD sold 22 locomotives to Bulgaria in 1959 and two locomotives to Yugoslav Kreka coal-mine in 1960. Next one hundred locomotives were bought by CSD from SZD in 1962-1963 and marked as 555.0201-300. Soon 94 of a 108 new bought, including 99 former locomotives were reconstructed for oil fired and marked as a 555.3 class. The rest of coal fired German locomotives finished their service during the sixties`, the last of them in 1973.
   CSD sold the locomotive 555.0153 (ex 52.7620 DR) together with 555. 0103 to Yugoslav Kreka coal-mine in 1960. It was marked as a 33-502 class there and it operated until 1990. Austrian association 1. ÖSEK bought six locomotives of a 33 class included 33-502 in 1991. The locomotive 33-502 was bought by KHKD in 2001. It was forwarded to ZOS Ceske Velenice to overhaul in October 2001.
   The repair work of the locomotive was finished in November 2002 and pilot plant was started. The locomotive passed technical and safety examination in February 2003 and became another working locomotive of KHKD.