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KHKD book edition, format A5, duress V8, colour print, chalk paper 135 g/m2

Volume 1 - in sold out
History of the local railway Martinice v Krkonosich-Jilemnice-Rokytnice nad Jizerou
Team of authors

click to make it bigger Guide of more than one hundred years old history of the local railway, about its birth Jan earl Harrach was responsible for. 152 pages, 111 photographs, 24 reproductions, ISBN 80-903346-2-8, the1st. edition, Prague 2004.

Price 299,- CZK

Volume 2 - sold out
150 years of the steam railway in Kladno
Team of authors

click to make it bigger The interesting history of all kind of railways in Kladno region. 224 pages, 210 photographs, 38 reproductions, ISBN 80-903346-3-6, the1st. edition, Prague 2005.

Price 399,- CZK